About GTPowerSource

GTPowerSource is your one-stop, 24x7 link to the PJM stakeholder process. With realtime updates from PJM meetings, summaries of the meetings after they have concluded and e-mail alerts when items you care about are about to be discussed, GTPowerSource covers it all so you can spend your time on more pressing matters.

Last year, PJM convened over 400 meetings to discuss how the $35 billion market would function. Attending all or even most of these meetings is a daunting proposition for any company regardless of size. Travel time, attendance time, time away from other demands; it all adds up.

At any given moment a rule change could be debated that substantially impacts your business. Information could be presented that dramatically changes the economics associated with a pending decision. Competitors could offer suggestions that help them while hurting you. You need to be there all the time. GTPowerSource allows you to be there without being there.