Get real-time updates from PJM meetings. Can't make it to Valley Forge or Wilmington because you need to attend a meeting at the office? GTPowerSource meeting moderators will attend PJM meetings and provide updates that can be accessed in real-time. See what is happening as it is happening without being there in person.

Ask questions of a GTPowerSource meeting moderator attending the meeting. Through the "moderator chat" feature communicate directly with GTPowerSource meeting moderators at the meeting. Ask questions, get clarifications, find out what you need to know. Through the "global chat" feature you can communicate with other GTPowerSource users - all in real time.

Access a permanent archive of past meeting summaries. As part of the GTPowerSource service, meeting summaries from past PJM meetings chronicled by GTPowerSource can be accessed at any time. Trying to recall what happened at a prior PJM meeting? Curious how a vote went at lower committee meeting? Want to use a key word search to determine when an important issue was discussed? The meeting archives section is your one-stop data base.

Receive e-mail alerts when agenda items you care about are being discussed. Are there 16 items on the agenda, but you are only interested in one or two? Set up an e-mail alert so you can follow the agenda items you care about.

Take GTPowerSource with you. Need to be away from the office? GTPowerSource is fully compatible with your Ipad, Iphone and smartphone devices so wherever you go, GTPowerSource is with you. Whether you are boarding a plane or going to a conference out town, you are never out of touch.